Monday, January 12, 2009

Hair Bow Extras/Buddies for Sale

These are some pieces that you can purchase to glue onto your bow. These are more items that I had purchased with the thought of making and selling lots of bows, but right now I just need to sell them. I did not make these, but bought them from someone. I will offer a discount on multiple item purchases. I also have more that I need to take pictures of and post. Again, these are first come first served.

College Bow Buddies $2 each

Alphabet and Number Bow Buddies Large $1 each, small $.75 each

Elmo and Mickey (top row) $1 each; cupcakes (bottom row) $2 each

Big/Little Sis (Top row) $1 each; Characters (bottom row) $1.50 each

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Annette Piper said...

How cute are they!

Stacy, I don't know if I've sent a message to you about it, but since Skwiggazine closed the members of the blogring were keen to find somewhere else where we could continue with the blog ring idea. I know that you pulled out of the last round as you were busy, but if you are interested in joining in again, we've created a little corner of the world just for us to do our 'thing'. We'd love to have you on board - in fact I've used one of your images (from your etsy store) on our banner! I hope that is okay!!!?? Anyway, please come and join in at

Hope to see you there!

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