Sunday, September 14, 2008

Adult Size Tutu

I have had many requests to see an adult sized tutu, so here you go. This is for a lovely woman who I "met" online. She wanted to have a tutu to wear to go to chemo tomorrow, so I made this for her. She wanted "breast cancer pink". And she is hoping that tomorrow is going to be her last chemo, so she is going to wear the tutu as a form of celebration! How spectacular is that! I am hoping it is her last one as well.

I can make adult size tutus in different lengths and colors as well.

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bestfamily said...

That is sweet of you to make one for her! I am right there with you hoping it will be her last one!

Rachel said...

Wow - what a great idea!! I think that all women should wear tutus!! =) I can't wait to get our tutus!! Do you have an ETA yet?

Anonymous said...

That is absolutely so sweet!

anastacia said...

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adult tutu said...

awesome! you are happy doing it! great!