Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Nancy's, Alyson's, and Jen's tutus

Nancy's infant size 2 tutu is lavendar, aqua and white with aqua ribbon waist and dangling ribbons and double tulle.

Alyson's infant size 2 tutu is fuschia and pink with a black ribbon.

Jen's 2T tutu is lavendar, pink and white with a white ribbon.


The Shirley's said...

Thank you thank you.. it looks beautiful and I know that Abby will love her new little tutu!

Sara Rose Tutus said...

You are so welcome!

mom2tictacs said...

Stacy, I'm stalking you! LOL, I *LOVE* the first one with the aqua, lavendar and white. If this is a girl, I'm ordering that in newborn! :D

Sara Rose Tutus said...

Hi Shan! I love that you are stalking me, LOL.