Saturday, March 22, 2008

Woodland fairy tutus and newborn pink tutu

Here is a picture of Sara in a tutu that I made. It is a woodland fairy theme of brown and burgundy. It is a size 2T and the momma special ordered it to be double tulle and extra long. I still need to add the brown ribbon.

Here is the 5T woodland fairy tutu. It is also double tulle and extra long.

And here is a newborn tutu in pink


Liz (violets1211) said...

Stacy makes EXCELLENT tutus. My daughter LOVES her tutu and it is very well made. (I still have to get her pics of my daughter in it, but they are coming, I promise!) :o)

Sara Rose Tutus said...

Thanks Liz

mom2tictacs said...

Thanks so much for the tutu Stacy! I just love how itty-bitty the newborn ones are. I know my friend will love it! Thanks!