Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tutu for sale- email me with interest

Infant size 2 white tutu with black ribbon. It is $18 (includes shipping). It is made and ready to mail right now.



Michelle said...

Oh my goodness! Those are so beautiful. As Little Miss's birthday approaches, I'll definitely be back (Aug 1).

I'll also talk to my PTO. I'm the shopper for the early learning center (state-mandated pre-K for special needs and at-risk kids) that my son attends, and one of the teachers has requested girl dress up clothes, which are really hard to find, unless I want a $25 Barbie outfit (which I don't). The school and PTO lack funds (although we're doing a Cinco de Mayo raffle to try to get money to buy trampolines 8 of the teachers have requested, so I'm hoping that will help! I just hate soliciting businesses... although we've gotten some really cool donations so far -- I even got a signed book from an author!), but those are really cute. Do you have a sense of how well they hold up under frequent on/off use?


Sara Rose Tutus said...

Thanks Michelle for stopping by and taking a look at the tutus. I think they will hold up pretty well. Email me and we can work out a good discount if you do want to get them for your son's school.